How to Order

How to place a Order :

  1. Select your items and add them to your cart
  2. Once you have everything you want, click the Checkout button ( located on the far right hand side on top of every page)
  3. Log in or create a account 
  4. Fill out the requested details and click the Checkout button
  5. Then please wait for Awaiting Payment Status to send send payment. 
You will receive notification via email regarding your orders. 
For Detailed and more simpler look at your order we recommend checking your order history. Which is located under My Account/ Order History

First Register an account

( we do not ask for any credit card numbers)

Fill all this out

Now add item to cart

Now Check Out

You can now check your orders.

(adding courier fee takes us 20 minutes to 2 hours working hours - depends on how busy we are)